I was an art student at UC Berkeley in 1976 when I first met Nina and Maurice Fraley of the Redbug Gallery. My life path changed forever! I started working for them for fun, which quickly turned into a serious apprenticeship with Nina. I changed my art major and graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in American Folklore: Carousel Art & History.   I never imagined I would become a carousel artist.                                          

I am deeply indebted to Nina for sharing her artistic gifts, her love of the individual pieces, and her reverence for the history and the carvers who created these beautiful pieces. In 1978-79 I worked with Nina and Maurice on the restoration of the Herschell Spillman Carousel in Tilden Park, Berkeley, CA.

After working for the Redbug Gallery for 5 years I moved to their son Tobin Fraley’s studio. I was his principal painter for 5 years, restoring many pieces for individual collectors. During this time we also completed a touch-up contract on the PTC Carousel in Elitch Gardens, Denver, Colorado.

In 1986 I started my own carousel restoration business working primarily for private collectors, although in 1998 I worked on the touch-up for the Looff Carousel, originally from Playland, now installed in the Yerba Buena Center, San Francisco, California, and completed a two year contract for the Dentzel/Illions carousel at the San Francisco Zoo.  I also worked on the Dentzel Carousel at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, PA. Currently I am part of a team that is restoring an Illions Supreme Carousel going into a private collection.  This beautiful horse is part of that carousel.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!